• Strawberry Cough

    The delicious aroma of strawberries with an identical taste to match, this classic is sure to be a delightful treat when all is said and done

  • Grape Lemonade

    The name explains it all, a sweet blend of grapes and various berries with a citrus twist that makes this profile an ideal palate-pleaser at any given time

  • Jamaican Dream

    An exciting and provocative blend of flavors that includes an earthy combination of citrus and coffee

  • Alaskan Thunder Fuck

    A plethora of flavors that creates a profile that is both earthy and piney, but with a slight lemon and menthol twist

  • Buddha Haze

    A profile that is one of a kind because of the unique manner in which it combines mango and spice with various subtle earthy floral notes.


    This classic strains profile has a pungent earthy and woody blend that is highly reminiscent of its jamaican

  • Lodi Dodi

    This strain carries a particular sweetness that is brought about an array of tropical fruit flavors combined with various floral notes, that is complimented by an earthy citrus finish

  • Blucifer

    A distinct blend of blueberries and cream with a spicy floral finish

  • Sour Diesel

    An outstanding recreation of the classic strain’s pungent earthy profile