• We’ve redesigned our packaging to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality.

  • Cigarette Boxes and the Master Box have a QR code for validation purposes (GLOTRACK).

  • We encourage vendors to verify the authenticity of their product by scanning the items upon receiving them. Each Cigarette Box QR code scans 10 times.

  • Upon disbursing individual cartridges, vendors should inform clients to scan the QR codes to ensure authenticity and view lab results via GLOTRACK.

  • While other companies may use QR codes, Glo is taking the additional step through GlOTRACK to confirm authenticity and view lab results simultaneously.

  • There are NO duplicate flavors in a Cigarette Box.

  • Every Master Box contains a menu of the flavors located within.

  • New flavors are indicated on the menu.

  • Each Cigarette Box has a colored sticker (GreenYellowWhite, and Red) on the top which correlates to the accompanying menu.

  • Every Master Box has a 14 digit bar code located on the bottom of the box.

  • All Glo hardware has Jupiter CCell engraved on the underside; protected by a silicone stopper.

  • The Master Box and all included Cigarette Boxes come individually plastic wrapped.

  • Glo Snapchat and Instagram handles are located on the side of the Cigarette Box and front of the Master Box.