Gas Mask

Gas Mask is an indica strain with a pungent funky taste of fuel and a distant note of coffee. It’s known for its strong long-lasting high. Anticipate a strong mind-numbing cerebral sensation that evaporates stress as it sinks down into the limbs. 

When it comes to packaging our premium product, we go over the top for the sole reason to ensure that anyone and everyone buying our products knows exactly what they are getting. Our Glo Extracts Package is as state-of-the-art as possible and is constantly being updated and altered to make sure the security features are always top of the line in cutting-edge technology. This is because out customers are our highest priority so we do everything we can in order to make our customers feel safe and secure in our products. Featuring a multi-step verification process, our Glo Extracts package has “Glo Tap” allowing you to simply touch your phone to the sticker, thus triggering a secure verification page with which you can review. An augmented reality code is also on the box and can be scanned once the square on the side of the box is scratched off, thus revealing the code. A scannable QR code is also available on the box and is scannable after the square is scratched off. This will take you to an authentication page that will let you know that your product is the real McCoy.  These QR codes will expire after 10 uses in order to deter counterfeits.