Super Jack

A mix between the illustrious Jack Herrer and Silver Haze: creates a buttery haze-like taste. As a potent Sativa, Super Jack is a great daytime strain inducing both a boost of energy and creativity. The effects are long-lasting and give the user mental clarity for any and all daytime activities. Super Jack takes hold fairly quickly, giving the user the cerebral effects soon after use.

Each of our products goes through extensive testing during production. We make sure that our products are of the highest quality to ensure the safety of those who are using them. We go above and beyond to make sure that if any of our products are not reaching our exceptionally high standards, they will not make it off of the line. Because of this fact, if you think for any reason that one of the products you have purchased isn’t up to par, please discard it and visit

Our Glo Extracts package is carefully constructed, like our products, from the inside out. We want to make sure that you know every single time, that you have purchased a Glo Extracts disposable vape. The Glo Extracts package will have various different ways for you to authenticate your product. A scratch-off QR code will take you to an authentication page, adding further credit to your purchase, and a scratch-off VR code will take you to a VR experience made just for our consumers. Both of these serve as ways for you to know that you have purchased one of our products, this coupled with our “Glo Tap” sticker that enables you to simply tap your smart phone to it, will help ensure that you can tell a Glo Extracts real vs fake. Our packaging design is unique and tailor made for our consumers because the safety of those who put their trust in our brand is our highest priority. We want to make sure that anyone who uses our products feels confident, safe and reassured that they have the genuine article in their possession.