GLO X Polkadot Premium Vapes, where exquisite taste meets ingenious collaboration.

We’ve partnered with Polkadot, a renowned mushroom chocolate brand, to transform their celebrated flavors into THC cartridges. Fear not; these vapes contain no mushrooms or psychedelics, just pure, delightful essence.

Our lineup boasts 10 exclusive Polkadot-inspired flavors alongside 40 other captivating varieties, culminating in our first-ever 50-flavor box.

Each flavor is a journey in itself, distinguished by its own unique flavor box design. In this box, we present 8 ‘People’s Choice Flavors’, specially chosen by us.

Customers get the chance to vote for their favorite among these, and the winner, like the beloved ‘Pancakes’ flavor from the previous round, will be featured in our next box.

Delve into the world of GLO X Polkadot Premium Vapes, where every flavor tells a story and your vote shapes the future.