Glo Extracts Real VS Fake

We at Glo Extracts are dedicated to the safety and security of everyone who trusts us enough to use our products. In order to maintain that trust, we have been doing everything within our power to uphold the premium quality and standards that we have set upon ourselves in order to raise the bar that our products have set so high. One way we have accomplished this is by keeping incredibly high standards for our products, and maintaining quality control throughout the entire process of development from seed to sale, in order to ensure that you are getting our best product every. Single. Time. 

If any of our products in development at any point don’t meet our exceptionally high standards, they never make it off of the development floo. Due to this, if for any reason you are in possession of one of our products and it’s not meeting your high standards, you may have a counterfeit. If so please do not use it, dispose of it, and visit

Glo Extracts Fake

At Glo Extracts, we have developed a unique, and highly recognizable brand to which we have made some high tech security modifications. These modifications have been deemed necessary in order to dispel any doubts that you have purchased the genuine article. Now included on our packaging is the latest in authentication technology that has been tailored to us with you in mind. Our verification steps begin with the packaging itself. 

Glo Extracts Package

Our packaging is premium and unique, with (as of now) three different, distinct, and contemporary designs pertaining to the generation of Glo products to which it belongs. The first of which does not contain any of the new verification methods that we have recently begun to implement. The first generation of Glo has a matte black box, watermarked with our Glo logo that is highlighted with black glitter. 

The second generation of our Glo packaging is recognizable via the gold, shiny, and sleek finishes. These packages contain, on the side, our social media accounts listed, allowing you to verify your product by visiting our official social media pages, while also keeping you up to date on our new flavors and products. Each of our MasterBoxes in this generation contains 40 flavors and on which GLOTRACK has been applied to not only the MasterBox, but also the CigBoxes therein. In doing so it helps you to verify your purchases as authentic, while going so far as to allow you to view the lab results of all of the batches that we have tested. We do this so that you feel safe and comfortable with us as a company and the products we produce. 

In our third generation of Glo extracts, our packaging has become unmatched in both design and its features. This generation of packaging is absolutely stunning, sporting a geometric black and gold design that has been inlaid with holographic gold foil to really make it “Glo”, especially when contrasted to the matte black of the background. Our social media accounts can be found on the side of the MasterBox allowing for further verification, and the CigBox contains tucked in the front of the box a menu which lists all of the flavors and their extract type. 

On both the second and third generation of Glo extract packaging, we have two scratch security squares that have a scannable QR code on one, and a virtual reality experience on the other. The QR code will take you to our secure authentication page, while the other let you view a cool virtual reality environment , both of which will help alleviate any doubts that you have bought a true Glo Extracts product. Lasty, our Glo-tap sticker can be found on every box of both our second and third generation products. All you have to do is touch your smartphone to the sticker and it will take you to our official Glo verification page.