We at Glo Extracts are taking every precaution and made your safety our main priority. In order to help maintain your confidence in us and our products we have gone the extra mile to make you as comfortable with us and our products as possible. You are the reason we are in business and we have never and will never take that for granted, so we place consumer safety at the heart of everything we do. From developing our extracts to testing, we triple check everything at every stage and if any of our products don’t meet our high standards, it never sees the light of day. 

Custom Packaging

Our custom packaging is 100% state of the art and the best that current technology has to offer. We upgrade our packaging regularly and embed it with various verification checkpoints to which you are able to scan upon purchase to ensure that you have bought an authentic Glo Extracts product. With a modern, sleek design our packaging is nothing short of artwork, and the security measures we take are another monster entirely. On each and every package we have embedded multiple methods of verification that cannot be replicated. This helps to put your mind at ease knowing that you have in your hands the real deal. The verification process starts with a scratch off silver square under which is a scannable QR code. This QR code is unique and will expire after being scanned 10 times. This helps to ensure that the box at no point can be reused fraudulently. The QR authenticator will go through a database scan that will visually approve or deny the authenticity of the product in-hand — this lends credibility to your purchase. Another scratch off square on the same box will reveal another verification step that you can take. This one however reveals an interactive AR (augmented reality) experience that can be found on authentic Glo Extracts products. Lastly, on the box we have implemented our “Glo Tap” technology. You simply tap your smartphone to the Glo Tap receiver  and it brings up our official Glo Extracts verification site. These layers of authenticity are there purely for the safety and security of our consumers because we want you to know for a fact if you have one of our products. 

Types of Packaging

At Glo Extracts we have taken the necessary safety measures to help those whose business we incur not only with our large packages, but also with the smaller ones therein. On our disposables masterbox it boasts our custom design, plus our three verification methods mentioned previously. The individual cigarette boxes therein are all sealed with our Glo tap receiver. These individual boxes also have the scratch-off-to-reveal QR code and scannable VR experience for added security. Like the Disposables Masterbox, the Cartridge Masterbox also has the same three verification methods, and the Cig boxes inside are perforated so you can tell if a box has been tampered with. These boxes like their counterparts also have the Glo tap receiver, the scratch-off-to-reveal QR code and scannable VR experience. All of which are designed and put together thoroughly to mediate any doubts you may have that you have a real, Glo Extracts product.

Packaging Materials

When it comes to our packaging itself, we pulled out all the stops. For instance our masterbox has a unique, golden foil inlay into a soft, matte, black background that is velvety to the touch in contrast to the slick and smooth gold. The gold foil inlay is in a splatter design that makes it appear as though someone poured liquid gold into darkness, making it positively glow in the light. This abstract design is continued onto the inside of the lid as well as onto the cig boxes that it contains, completing the unity of the design as a whole. Our high quality master box also has a magnetic lid that keeps its contents from displacing accidentally. On the inside of the lid is our company’s goal for the consumer to review, stating that we strive to live up to our name by diligently holding ourselves to a higher standard and in doing so that’s what makes us stand apart from other suppliers and “glo”.

Inside our individual cig boxes are multiple different flavors. Our cig box is designed with a little pocket that holds a card containing the name of each flavor, a description of each flavor profile, and the extract type, sativa, indica, or hybrid. Each of the ten flavors has its own little box that also reiterates the flavor, extract type, and the amount of cannabis oil in grams, and features a little window to view the product.

As for the premium disposable vapes master box, it has an angled, satin, gold and black stripe design that features our logo, the Glo light bulb, shining gold with a slightly raised outline in glossy black on the front and the Glo light bulb is repeated again but in all black on either side of the box. Once opened the master box gives way to 10 cig boxes with the gold and black glossy design repeated on each. The Glo extracts logo with type is also expressed on the front of the box, with no outstanding textures. Inside each of the individual cig boxes are 5 disposable vapes, each with their own personal box with the same black and gold glossy pattern. Each flavor in the box is different from one another, and inside the box comes with a similarly designed notecard that contains the name, extract type, and a flavor description so you can try each one with an idea of what to expect from each one.

On every vape box is the extract type, sativa, indica, or hybrid, the cannabis measured in milligrams, as well as a viewing window that lets you see the front of the vape that features our logo, the Glo light bulb which in turn lets you see the amount of golden oil in the vape itself. The vape has an ergonomic rectangle shape with the stripe pattern repeated here as well. However on these the vape is all white with alternating matte and gloss white stripes, the matte stripes having just slightly more texture than its neighbors. On the bottom of the vape itself is an insert for a plug where you may recharge your vape if its battery becomes depleted before the extract does. The mouthpiece is also capped with a rubber tip to ensure cleanliness and sanitization. 

If at any point you are in possession of one of our products and for any reason it does not meet your high standards or doesn’t have any of the before mentioned verification features, you may have a potential harmful counterfeit. If so please discard it and visit us at www.gloextract.com.

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